• Ship Repairing



    Ship repairing brokers cultivate two essential client groups: repairing shipyards and those who contract repairing vessels. A thorough familiarity with the Chinese ship repairing industry is a basic requirement for everyone involved in this field, and knowing what each shipyard is capable of repairing as well as availability of berths, dry-docks, tariff, repair efficiency, repair quality and payment terms are all absolute requirements for a professional ship repairing broker.


    Development of repairing business is a longstanding core competence of JoinOcean based on close relationships with a large number of repairing shipyards inChinaand various Owners in the world.


    JoinOcean Brokers are active in contracting all types and sizes of vessels for repairing, ranging from bulk carriers, container vessels, oil/chemical tankers, MPPs, Heavy Lift vessels, PCTCs, Passenger Vessels as well as offshore support vessels and tugs.


    Remarks: Our Ship Repairing business was prepared from end of 2011 and started from beginning of 2012.