• Newbuilding



    Beside our sales and purchase activities, we are also concentrating on newbuilding business. We are providing maximum benefit for the participants through the entire building procedure from ordering to delivery. Our service covers the following:


    1. Shipyard selection and identification ;

    We can help you find shipyard information such as newbuilding activities ,  facilities development ;price level, delivery availability, reputation, quality, bench mark etc. of all potential shipyards in China;


    2. Technical Support to the owner: when you have the intention to look for newbuildings we can keep communication with shipyards, design company and major equipment suppliers regarding design development such as G. A. Plan, midship section , E/R lay out ; maker list etc. As outcome of the first stage we can offer outline spec , price indication , payment terms etc. for owner’s comments and further discussion;


    3. Using our solid local market source we can help to filter all the market information and help you to find a specific new ship type with high efficiency, oil saving, fulfilling latest rules and regulations which will be very competitive in the market;


    4. Initiate and help all the negotiation until conclusion of shipbuilding contract.


    5. Help the owner to approach local banks and/or financing institutions for possible financing of newbuilding projects.


    6. Help to smooth and harmonize the cooperation between owner and shipyard during the design and construction period in order. To forge a long term cooperation relations between owner, shipyard and classification societies.


    7 To conclude certain project we will travel together with our clients or their nominated representative inChinain order to provide necessary assistance.