• General Agent/Protect Agent

    General Agent/Protecting Agents


    We also act as general agent for our principals. With our strong links with all the local agents inChinaand contacts with all Chinese ports, , we could provide a full range of agency services in all major Chinese ports.

    In case there any conflict of interest at any port inChina, we can be protecting agent to secure our principals’ interest there. We provide round the clock services to our long-established and loyal base of principals on all types of vessels. Our local team always watch out to protect our principals’ interest with effective and efficiency.


    JoinOcean has rich experience in general agent/projecting agents, i.e. we have acted as general agent for Kansai Shipping Co.,Ltd inChina. Our solid reputation across our partners, sub-agents can give confidence to parties concerned. We are very much looking forward to provide you with our general agent/protecting agent service.